There is no goal to reach or do a specific posture to succeed!

Only being present to oneself, the quality of movement or posture is what is important. Whatever your level, Yoga practice will have all its transforming power whether physical, psychological or emotional when it is based on kindness, presence and listening.

Yoga includes physical and mental work. They are like communicating channels.

Flexibility is not "absolutely" required, it is a result of the practice of Yoga. Very often a naturally flexible person will find themselves with long-term joint or ligament problems. She will favor her dexterity at the expense of her muscles. This is why attention will focus on muscle engagement and the position of the joints.

A person who is more rigid or not very flexible (at the moment) will be safer because they will work with an awareness of their limits. Without forcing, but thanks to their breathing and sensations, they will manage to let go and open up. They will be less likely to damage joints in the long term but will have to be patient without comparing to others.

It is not necessary to book to attend a first class. You can start at any time of the year.

We often mix and confuse Yoga with a so-called spiritual practice. Yoga (as in other Taïchi practices, Qi Gong) allows us to connect to this intimate part of the deep self whose benefits are often peace, joy, inner strength, discernment and action. No need to follow a spiritual path to practice Yoga, but it is possible that it will result in a personal discovery and see a practice that is very unique to us.

The Savasana position is vital at the end of a practice because it allows you to integrate new information and recover the nervous system and restore the body and mind. The effects often felt are: soothing, healing, strength, clairvoyance, tranquility, feeling of unity. Yoga has a positive and very personal effect for anybody that practices it.

At Yoga Discovery, practitioners are called YogYogi’s

Material used for Yoga Therapeutics such as block, belt, stick, elastic, blanket, balls, essential oils etc.

A simple and comfortable outfit, like a T-shirt and leggings / shorts if possible tight and close to the body. Possibly a scarf and socks for the “Savasana” restoration. A cloakroom is available. The practice is done barefoot.

Be on your mat at least five minutes before class begins. It is vital and very important for safety to be present from the start of the course. Portable in your bag; without vibrations or sounds during the whole practice.

Before the start of the class, let us know if you have health restrictions or by email if you have any specific doubts.

Medical advice is advised in the event of an injury to ensure that it is not contraindicated to practice.

Pregnant women cannot participate in yoga classes during the first three months of pregnancy. After the first trimester, it is advisable to come to the yoga class in agreement with your doctor. Please inform the instructor.

Once a week is an opportunity to get into a rhythm. Twice you can start seeing a real change. Start your transformation today!