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Yoga Discovery is a constant discovery of yourself!

This practice, coming from the Himalayan Hatha Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga Alignment, allows us to observe our possibilities or limitations related to our sensations, without judging them. We all have a different organic signature. It is vital to know and explore it in order to be able, at each stage of life, to have a solid, functional, malleable and reactive body.



Learn to be in the present without judgment, without comparing yourself to others, and without focusing on performance. Knowing how to go beyond our beliefs as well as fears and open the door to a secure space where everything can be experienced; such as pleasure, joy, pain, laughter, tears, healing, frustration, fulfillment etc ...


When we are present, listening attentively and qualitatively, the sensations allow us to observe where our openings or closings are. By controlling our respiratory rate, the practice becomes deeper and can feel at some points intense and challenging. This results in more strength, mobility and stability. It is good to get out of your comfort zone while always considering very important to respect your limits.


The practice is adapted according to the season, the latest discoveries, the inspiration of the moment and the YogYogi’s. The two practices taught are different, however very complementary. The movement is linked to the two practices because it is life.

Health & Safety are my key words!

Yoga is a magnificent and powerful practice which frees the body and the mind, however, without precise consciousness or knowledge, it can create harmful injuries in the long term. This is why, a point of honor is granted to "Health & Safety"


"When the body is aligned,
the mind is also aligned"

As a former extreme and intense thrill seeker, I had to manhandle and break my body over and over to understand that less is sometimes more and better. I caused real physical injuries (hernias, osteoarthritis, chronic lower back pain) as well as emotional ones. It took years of exploration to find my way and rebuild myself. A great lover of movement, I found in Yoga in the broad sense, a solid base where I can experiment and bring all my creativity. In caring, integrity towards myself and others.

Yoga is a constant discovery, regardless of the experience and years of practice . I also give huge importance to continuing education. Reciprocal teacher-student stimulation contributes to mutual development.

"Yoga is a base and
movement is life"


Certified Yoga Alliance INCL.

200 hours Himalayan Hatha Yoga

300 hours Therapeutic Alignment
Yoga for a Happy Back

9 years of contemporary dance, Jazz, Impro and musical
Improvisation and Singing Theater

Teachers & Influences:

Luna Alignement - Tal Swisa (Iyengar)
Rachel Krentzman - Yoga for happy back
Swasti Yoga - Surindder
Fighting Monkey - Jozef Frucek &
Linda Kapetanea
Momentum Movement Arts - Ivan Zorić 
Spiritual Yoga - James Hingins
Ashok Tree - Yogi Ashokananda